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About Me

My name is Jacob White and I am a Bachelor of Journalism graduate from Humber College and current Sports Journalism student at Centennial College. I have had a deep passion for sports since my youth. I also have enjoyed American politics since 2016 and have been invested in it ever since. I created CrossFade because I figured that since I like to express my opinions to people around me, why not express myself on the internet too. On this site, I write new stories along with other stories that I created over the past couple of years. I hope you enjoy my site!

Stories I’ll Write About

Political Stories

For my Political stories, I will tend to focus on US politics. I will also cover some Canadian politics as well when a big story arises.

Sports Stories

For my Sports stories, I like to cover stories that follow leagues I like such as the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, CFL etc.

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