Josh Allen: Pro Bowl Snub But Future MVP?

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has been defying the odds for the entirety of his football career.

From Firebaugh, California, to junior college at Reedly to the University of Wyoming and then being drafted seventh overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, Allen has faced criticism and doubt from many in the football world.

He was considered too inaccurate. Too out of control and too small of a sample size against top college competition.

In year 4, Allen is too good, and he has ascended to a top quarterback in Bills history and NFL history.

So for Allen to continue on his dominant trajectory would not be surprising but expected given Allen’s career.

So how about winning MVP this season? Not only winning MVP but winning as not even a pro-bowler?

Recently the pro-bowl rosters were released, and it did not include Josh Allen. Justin Herbert from the Los Angeles Chargers, Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs and Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens, were named the AFC quarterbacks this year.

That is a joke in of itself. Allen has had a tremendous year by himself but comparing him to quarterbacks who made it makes the decision even more laughable.

Comparing Allen to Jackson, Allen has a better team record, completion percentage, touchdown to interception ratio and quarterback rating.

Despite the pro-bowl snub, Allen still has the fifth bets MVP odds according to

When comparing his numbers to other top MVP contenders such as Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, Allen fairs pretty well. Allen versus Brady shows a tight matchup.

However, Brady has struggled recently against the New Orleans Saints by being shut out for only the third time in his illustrious career.

How about Allen versus Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers? It also shows a close race.

There are a couple of things holding Rodgers back from winning it this year. One reason is that he won it last year, and it is very tough to win MVP in back-to-back seasons. Also, his stance on COVID-19 and the vaccine has caused some in the media to be turned off by Rodgers this season.

While it will be a tough hill to climb in only a couple of weeks, if Allen has proven anything, he knows how to succeed despite criticism and expectations.