Some hot takes before the NBA restart

Today was the start of scrimmage games in the NBA bubble as teams get ready to start on August 1.

With so many people looking for something to take their attention away from the current situation, the NBA has a great chance to gain more fans and fill a craving for many sports fans.

I figured I would write a piece that details some of my hotter takes that some people may think are pretty wild but that’s the entire point isn’t it?

Nonetheless here we go!

A Top 3 seed in either conference will be eliminated in round 1

I know, I know. The NBA is quite predictable sometimes, especially in the first round and this probably won’t happen but hear me out.

Now in a normal postseason, upsets in the NBA usually never happen, but this is obviously not a normal postseason.

Each team will get eight seeding games to determine who will play who in the first round. I don’t believe that this is enough time for some of the more veteran teams to prepare fully.

Take in the fact that anything can happen that makes someone leave the bubble, and for them to come back they have to quarantine, and a player may be unable to play.

Already we have had Patrick Beverley had to leave the bubble due to a family matter, and he will not be able to work with his team so he may be limited in his production upon his return.

I genuinely believe that some of these teams who will have to fight their way in and be playing hard playoff-like basketball before the first round will give them the edge and sneak up on a team like the Celtics or Clippers.


This may seem like a hot take to some but not for others, but I really don’t understand why many analysts believe that the Pelicans will just get the eight seed without much pressure.

Why? Because the big networks want Lebron vs Zion in round 1?

Whatever the reason, I just don’t see them making it for several reasons

I think that the teams currently above the Pelicans (Blazers and Grizzlies) are just better teams than them.

I like how the other teams are constructed whom themselves have excellent players. (See Ja Morant and Damian Lillard)

Secondly, the Grizzlies come into this with a 3.5 game lead over the Pelicans with only eight games to close that gap.

I understand that they have an “easy” schedule and should be able to rack up the wins but the deficit they are already in before any game has been played, I believe, is too much to handle


This may be a hometown bias, but I do think that the Raptors have a great chance to make the eastern conference finals again.

The Raps look very good and look prepared for the unusual nature that comes with the bubble atmosphere.

Led by, probable, coach of the year Nick Nurse who is the master at being able to work on the fly and in unusual situations (See the D-League and European coaching), the Raps have the ability to change up what they need to in order to find success.

The vets that the Raps have are determined to prove that last years team was not just Kawhi. With all of the injuries, they have sustained over the season, to have everyone on the floor at the same time being healthy is something to fear if you are another East team.

Marc Gasol looks at least five years younger with the way he a slimmed-down and Kyle Lowry has added more muscle which should lead to good things.

I’m not willing to go so far as to say that the Raptors would win that matchup, I’m just saying it has a stronger possibility of happening than some people think.

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