TOTW (Thoughts of the Week) 4

Welcome back to another edition of Thoughts of the week!

This week I really want to focus on the upcoming Canadian federal election. According to Polling Canada, which is an excellent Twitter follow, shows a very tight race between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

Personally speaking, I do not understand why Canada is having an election right now. As I said in the last edition of TOTW, I believed that the government had been working well. The minority Liberals are in charge with a push by the NDP to be more left-leaning.

However, Justin Trudeau did not feel the same way, and thus we are only three days away from a federal election.

When Trudeau called the election, it looked like a slam dunk that he would get a majority government. Many people felt that his handling of COVID was done quite well, and he provided relief to many people by passing multiple stimulus bills.

However, that being said, with all the polls showing the support the Liberals had, there is only one poll that matters. Do people want to have an election right now?

While this poll is over a week old, the sentiment remains. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole cannot finish a campaign speech without saying that Trudeau called an election during the fourth wave of the pandemic that cost $600 million. (You could play a drinking game every time he mentions it)

If Trudeau is to lose his seat as the Prime Minister, this may be one of the key reasons. I believe that it will be a minority government one way or another, which means politicians may put us into another election sooner than later.

For the Conservatives, the People’s Party of Canada becomes one of the giant roadblocks between them and taking over. There is a growing movement by people who are not interested in vaccine passports or lockdowns. With O’Toole taking the Conservatives more centrist, they distance themselves from the PPC but lose the right-wing vote.

While I do not think the PPC will get any seats this election (their support is too spread out), they do have enough sway to prevent a conservative government from taking control.

That being said, I believe that Canada will stay with a Liberal minority. Trudeau appears to have too much support for his government to lose. You can debate if this election was worth it if the Liberals ended up in the same position as they were before the election. (Especially given the fact that the Conservatives took the lead in polling, a minority government for the Liberals would almost be considered a win)

Moving now to some more sports news and the national TV schedules have been released for the upcoming NHL season on TNT and ESPN.

So far, it looks pretty good. Both companies appear to be genuinely interested in promoting hockey in America while showcasing the best of the best the league has to offer. (Crosby, McDavid and Ovechkin appear a lot on both networks)

Looking at a Toronto focus, the Maple Leafs will not be on U.S TV that often this upcoming season.

U.S-based teams such as the Colorado Avalanche, Boston Bruins, St Louis Blues, and Seattle Kraken will have plenty of national spotlights.

Anyways, that is it for this week’s edition of TOTW!

Talk to you later!